As the coronavirus epidemic is on the rise, it is inducing a sense of fear amongst everyone. For all of us, the main priority nowadays is to make sure everything around us is clean and germ-free. One of the most important things that we worry about is our clothes. When dealing with our laundry, a lot of important questions arise in our minds. For instance; how do we make sure our clothes are germ-free? If our clothes are exposed to the virus, how long will the virus stay on our clothes?

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Although it is unclear how long the virus can stay on clothes, it is still important to take appropriate measures to make sure the virus does not infect the people in your home. In case you live with someone who has a confirmed or suspected case of covid-19 and Tips for Coronavirus (COVID-19), extra care is necessary.

Here are some of the methods to disinfect your clothes:

Using Heat

It is important to understand that while washing your clothes may clean them up, but it will not necessarily disinfect them. One method that is very effective in case you do not have the material to disinfect your clothes at hand is to dry your clothes at a very high temperature. The virus cannot survive at high temperatures, so this is a very effective way to make sure your clothes are cleaned and virus-free!

WHO recommends temperatures as high as 60-90 Celsius. Such high temperatures can damage the fabric of your clothes or shrink them. Read the care labels to avoid ruining your precious clothes. Dry clean the clothes which might get ruined due to the heat.

Using disinfecting products

To disinfect your clothes, you need the addition of a single product in your usual laundry cleaning material; bleach. To disinfect your clothes, you should use a detergent that contains bleach. You should also disinfect the laundry basket with 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution or any disinfecting substance that you use in your home.

Once you wash your clothes, dry them completely to make them clean as new and covid free!

Precautions while doing your laundry

When you are preparing to do your laundry, some of the protective equipment you should wear is gloves and a mask. This is to avoid the infection in case some of the laundry water splatters on your face. Gloves are necessary because we often touch our faces with our hands. If the clothes and laundry water are infected with the virus, it is best to protect your hands with gloves.

Giving clothes to a laundry service

As the positive cases of coronavirus keep growing, many laundry and dry cleaning services have brought certain changes in their work methods that make sure that the spread of the virus is limited and any clothes infected with the virus can be disinfected fully. In a time like this, when there is a lot of confusion, and everything feels very difficult to handle, these laundry services are available and fully equipped to handle the task of your laundry. And it is safe to invest your money in them. For this purpose The Laundryman App provides a 20% discount on your first order, so if you have never ordered your laundry from The Laundry Cleaning Center avail yourself of this opportunity right now to get a discount on our laundry and dry cleaning services and Tips for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Laundryman App suggests that the best way to disinfect your clothes is to use a detergent containing bleach. To make sure the clothes do not get infected again or spread the infection elsewhere, you should use a 0.1% sodium hypochlorite solution to disinfect your laundry basket. Make sure you wear a mask and gloves while doing your laundry. Maintain social distance and stay at home to make sure the virus does not infect you.