The Doorstep Laundry, UK, has mentioned the importance of reading your clothes’ care labels a lot of times. The care label of the clothes you buy tells you all you need to know about your purchased fabric. Care labels will tell you whether you should dry, clean your clothes, iron them, wash them in a washing machine. It also tells you about the best temperature you can wash your clothes in and how to dry them afterward. But, all of this knowledge is conveyed in symbols. The Churchill Drycleaner is here to explain these symbols and make your work easy.

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Here are the explanations of some laundry symbols:

Washing Clothes In a Machine

  • A simple bucket symbol means that you can wash your clothes in a washing machine normally. But a bucket with a cross on it means that the garment does not need any washing.
  • A bucket symbol with one line underneath means you can wash your clothes in the washing machine at the casual setting or the wrinkle control setting.
  • A bucket symbol with two lines underneath means that you should wash your clothes in the washing machine using the delicate cycle. This cycle is equivalent to hand washing your clothes. This means that the fabric you are dealing with is sensitive and needs a lot of care.
  • A simple bucket with a hand symbol inside it means that the clothes should be hand washed only.

Washing Clothes At Different Temperatures

Different fabrics have different needs and require different water temperatures to become thoroughly cleaned. The care label may write the exact temperature you should wash a certain garment or make dots inside a bucket to represent the temperature.

  • A single dot inside a bucket represents a 30 degree Celsius water temperature.
  • Two dots represent 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The subsequent increase in the dots’ number represents the temperature increase by 10 degrees Celsius for every dot.

The highest temperature that you could wash a specific garment at is below 95 degrees Celsius. Be careful not to pass a delicate garment with a rough one at high temperatures as it can severely damge the fibres of the former garment.

Ironing Clothes

The iron symbol is an easy one to understand.

  • An iron symbol with a cross over it represents that the garment does not need ironing.
  • An iron symbol with one dot represents ironing at low temperatures, while three dots represent that high temperatures can be used to iron your clothes.
  • An iron symbol with vertical lines underneath it means that you can use steam to iron your clothes, while a cross sign over the lines represents that steam should not be used while ironing them.


A triangle symbol represents bleaching.

  • A simple triangle means that you can bleach your clothes without worry.
  • A tringle with lines inside means that you can only use non-chlorine bleach to clean your clothes.
  • A triangle with a cross represents that bleaching may damage the fabric. It can be easily washed without bleaching.

Drying Clothes

Symbols of squares and circles represent the instructions for drying your clothes.

  1. Dry Cleaning
  2. A simple circle tells you whether you can dry clean your clothes or not.
  3. A bar at the left bottom side outside the circle means that the dry clean cycle should be short.
  4. A bar at the bottom right represents low heat dry cleaning.
  5. A bar at the left top means reduced moisture, while the bar on the right top represents no steam.
  • Air-Drying
  • A square represents that  you should air-dry your clothes.
  • A square with a horizontal line means that you should air-dry your clothes flat.
  • A curved line inside the square represents that you can dry your garment on a cloth line. In contrast, diagonal lines at one corner of the air-dry symbol mean that you should dry your clothes under shade. This might be on the care label for your wool clothes.
  • Tumble-Drying
  • A circle inside a square represents tumble-drying. One dot inside this symbol means low-temperature tumble-drying. While three dots inside this symbol represents that tumble-drying can be done at high temperatures.
  • A circle inside a square without any dots represents that you should tumble-dry your clothes at normal room temperatures.
  • A completely coloured circle represents that you should tumble-dry your clothes at cooler temperatures; without any heat.

The Doorstep Laundry understands the importance of clothes lasting long and what good care your clothes can do for them. So, to make sure your clothes get the best possible care, The Doorstep Laundry partnered with The Churchill Drycleaner to provide you the ultimate guide to laundry symbols on the care labels of your favourite clothes!