The Laundry Cleaning Centre is a service provider that does more than just do your laundry for you. We are a launderette that goes the extra mile to provide other essential add-ons laundry related features such as repairs and alterations. Who hasn’t ruined his/her favorite shirt/costume long before being done looking good in it?

The pain of having to part it your adored attire before it has gone out of fashion can be agonizing. Well, at The Laundry Cleaning Centre, this is what we are good at rectifying. And the good news is we do it swiftly for your convenience, and we give it a professional touch such that even you will not notice that there have been some touch-ups on your apparel.

Why choose us?

We let our services do the talking. Below are some of the reasons why we are the top customers’ choice;

  • Professionalism

Your laundry means everything to us just as they mean everything to you. That is why we never compromise and ensure that they are always handled by professionals who have an in-depth understanding of what they are doing.

  • Fast and convenient

Our launderette offers speed and convenience. We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens and you find yourself in a situation where you have ruined that costume you really wanted to put on. With us, you can still put it on! This is why you can trust us to avoid an impending last-minute wardrobe disaster. 

  • Affordable pricing

Our prices are simply unbeatable! We ensure that we provide the best quality services at the minimum costs for our clients. With us, you can also enjoy promotions and massive discounts which we offer regularly.