You can help your Dry Cleaners with the stain removing process by cleaning the stain if you spot it before sending it to the dry cleaning service. It is hard to find good launderette and dry cleaning services that ensure the perfect care for your precious clothes. Some dry cleaning services may not have the best machinery or the best products. Some might not have the ideal customer service and only leave you feeling disappointed by the experience. The experience may even have some of your clothes destroyed!  The Laundryman App will tell you some easy dry cleaning tricks that will not leave your clothes entirely dependent on a dry cleaning service’s ability.

While the dry process at home is to hang your clothes outside on a clothesline or a rack, the dry cleaning process is different. It is a process that cleans clothes without the use of water. Although the cleaning fluid used in the process is a liquid; clothes are dipped in a liquid solvent, the absence of water is why this process is called ‘dry’ cleaning.

How Dry Cleaning Works in a Dry Cleaners Service in Harrogate

When you drop your clothes off at a laundry service, your clothes are first checked. These stains are treated early so that their removal through dry cleaning is more manageable. Next, they are put in a machine and cleaned with a liquid solvent. Once they’re cleaned and taken out of the machine, the cleaner handling your clothes looks through them again to ensure they’re thoroughly clean. Any remaining stains are removed. The clothes are then pressed, folded, and packed for you to receive.

You can help your cleaner with the stain removing process by cleaning the stain if you spot it before sending it to the Dry Cleaners service. Apply water (if the stain is water-based) or solvent (if the stain is oil or grease) on the stain and tap it on both sides of the clothing to make most of the stain come off. Your cleaners can handle the rest of the process.

Why do some clothes need dry cleaning?

If you notice some of the tags on your garments, you will see that it is preferred to clean some of your clothes through dry cleaning only. Clothes like silk, rayon, and wool might get destroyed if treated with water. The fabric might change colors, lose shape or shrink, causing it to lose its strength, and eventually, the clothes are wasted. So for such material of clothes, you have to resort to the dry cleaning process.

Dry Cleaning Techniques at home

You can quickly dry clean your clothes at home by purchasing dry cleaning kits. These kits have all the things you need to clean your clothes in three steps

Pre-treat Stains

The kit has stain removers in it that you can use to treat stains before throwing them for cleaning. These stain removers are not unique. You can use any ordinary stain remover that you usually use. The method to remove stains is the same as mentioned above. You need to use water for water-based stains and a solvent for oil or greasy stains.

  • Dry Clean

The dry cleaning kits you purchase have a special dry cleaning bag in them. It is a simple nylon bag that you are supposed to put some of your clothes in. Along with your clothes, you have to put a dryer-activated cloth in the nylon bag too. It will be provided in the kit. After this step, you have to seal the nylon bag and put it in your dryer for as long as the kit you are using suggests. The dryer-activated clothes have an emulsifier, perfume, and some water on them; they efficiently treat your clothes inside the machine.

  • End Product

After taking your clothes out from the dryer, you have to inspect them to see any remaining stains. You can repeat the process or go to a professional dry cleaning service near me if there are.

The Laundryman App

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The Laundry Cleaning Centre

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