Are you in need of self service laundry for your household, office, or any other establishment? The Laundry Cleaning Centre is a leading player in self service laundry in the UK. Whatever your laundry needs are, you can always count on us for an efficient and convenient laundry experience!

Our experience in the business has enabled us to refine all our self service laundry services to suit the needs of all our clients to the very core! You can always count on The Laundry Cleaning Center to deliver exactly what you need. Services on offer include;

  • Washing

This is the core service feature of any laundry service and The Laundry Cleaning Centre provides you with a wide range of powerful washing equipment to make the process seamless for you! All our machinery is highly efficient and user-friendly so you don’t have to worry about complex operation skills!

  • Drying

Another core service courtesy of The Laundry Cleaning Centre. You can count on us to get your clothes washed and dried right away with our top-notch industrial dryers. We have also selected high-quality equipment brands to ensure that your clothes aren’t ruined in the process.

  • Ironing

Need a proper crease on your uniform or a smoothening touch to your garment? The Laundry Cleaning Centre has your back! All our clients get full access to ironing equipment that rounds up the whole laundry experience.

All our valued clients in the UK depend on us to keep their beds, wardrobes, and workplaces fresh and clean every day! We have a dedicated staff always happy to assist you every step of the way and a pleasant environment to make you feel right at home throughout the self service laundry process. Give us a call today or visit us on our website to find out more!