How long your clothes last depends largely on the quality of the fabric you invest your money in, but there is no doubt that proper care ensures longer durability for even the most sensitive fabric.  Keeping in mind your busy routine, you often lack the time and patience to care for your clothes laundry and drycleaning. But you tend to forget how much you actually spend on them in a year.

Since proper care means less money spent on more clothes, it’s necessary to take steps to make your wardrobe last longer. Ofcourse, this requires a little patience, but all good things do. To make sure you make the most out of your outfits and get your money’s full worth, our laundry cleaning app is here to provide you with the best guide in the most cost efficient way.

General Care for All Clothes

Every clothing accessory you own needs attention in the following ways:

  1. Make sure you keep them neatly folded or on hangers with enough breathing space around them.
  2. When it’s time to wash, make sure you wash them at low temperatures. Hot water can damage the fibres in your clothes and reduce their quality and life-time.
  3. Avoid putting clothes in dryers, as dry cleaning services don’t work well for all cloth types but air drying is always a good option.
  4. Make sure you check the care labels on your clothes to assort your clothes according to the care they require.

Managing Sensitive Fabric

Treat your delicate wears how they are, delicately. Don’t wash them too often. Hand-wash these items and avoid using harsh detergents for them. Putting them in washing machines and dryers is unfavorable for their fabric and often ruins the elastic. While drying make sure you squeeze them gently. Do not twist these clothes with a lot of force, and allow them to air dry. Don’t use the drying service for them. Laundry service London is not necessarily required for these clothes.

Your Whites and Your Colors

The most basic step you should take for your clothes is to assort your white clothes separately and your colored clothes separately. Make sure you separate your clothes before reaching the launderette Leeds to save time there. This is helpful to avoid staining your white clothes when we wash them. Using cold or slightly warm water is necessary because hot water in the laundry service can cause some color to come off your dark clothes, this step makes sure your light clothes are free from any stains too.

Good Self Care Effects Everything

Practicing good hygiene such as showering daily, wearing deodorants and perfumes, and the right undergarments can make it easy to manage your dirty laundry. These steps can keep your clothes clean and fresh even after you take them off. Eventually you’ll have to wash these clothes less, promising you longer lasting clothes.

Ironing your clothes

The iron’s job is to loosen your cloth’s fabric fibers and press them flat. Every fabric requires different levels of heat and if not done properly, it can easy burn your clothes. The trick is to check your clothes care label, because some fabrics do not require ironing. It is always better to iron your clothes while they are still humid. Ironing Service can handle this task, but make sure you don’t give them your sensitive fabric and ease their load too. You can use our laundry cleaning app Birmingham for these services.

Folding your Dress Shirts, T-shirts, Pants and Jeans

Dress Shirts wrinkle easily, when packing or folding them, a few simple steps can help avoid a lot of work.

  1. Button up your shirt completely.
  2. Put a cardboard band inside the collar to maintain its shape.
  3. When unfolding, spray them with some water and tug on its hem to take out any wrinkles that may have formed without having use an ironing service for your shirts.


Two simple rules to follow for your everyday wear.

  • Wash Gently

       As explained how all clothes should be generally cared for, wash them with cold water. You may iron them at low heat to take out the wrinkles.

  • Fold carefully

     The most efficient way to fold your T-shirts is to fold the arms backwards, and folding the t-shirt once from the middle. This method is easy, time efficient and does not crease your T-shirts. This way it will be ready to wear without ironing again. Do not hang your T-shirts as hangers can create marks around your shoulders and produce wrinkles if your clothes are hung together without much space in between.


Linen pants crease easily, while wool doesn’t. So if the creasing bothers you, wool is the way to go. Don’t wash your pants too often. Two or three washes in a season is ideal. Before you pack them away at the end of a season, wash them one last time to make sure you are at ease when unpacking the same pants next year.

Important tip: When buying pants, make sure you buy a size that allows room for shrinkage as a precautionary measure. Search any laundry cleaning near me Manchester, and get your pants washed. They tend to shrink despite promising no shrinkage.


Your jeans do not need a lot of washing. If you want your denim to fade quickly, wash it in hot water once. Otherwise, you should wash it inside out with cold water.

Managing Silk Clothes

You should hand-wash these clothes with cold water. Do not wring out silk clothes, instead wrap them in a towel and press water out gently. Press your silk clothes while they are still damp, use low iron temperature. Store your silk in a dry dark place.

Style up and Reuse

Don’t throw your clothes away just because they seem out of fashion or don’t suit your style anymore. You can always bring minor changes in your dresses with different accessories. Don’t be afraid to try something new with your clothes!

Clothes don’t last forever, but we hope with this guide you can make them last longer than promised!

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